Thursday, October 28, 2010

SOS 2010!

Back in early June, I was reading the Dear Lizzy blog (see list at right for the link!) and she was talking about starting her third year of SOS (Shades of Summer). Well, I remembered seeing it last year after it had started and I really wanted to be part of it. But, lo and behold, it was for U.S. residents only :( Being of the "make lemonade" genre of people I decided to start up and SOS of my own through that little ole scrappin' site, SkrapnChat (see list at right for the link!). And since I was at it, I thought "why not make it INTERNATIONAL?" So we did!
Sixteen lovely ladies wanted to join the fun, so I picked up two pairs of designer shades and the exclusive Dollar Store (heehee!) and sent them off to the first two ladies on the list. Once they received the shades, they took a picture of them and sent them off to the next lady on the list. Ofcourse, what's the fun of having a list to follow? Where's the suspense and surprise in that? So, instead of sending the list along with the shades, each recipient had to send me her picture and I would send her the next address. That way it was a little surprise when the shades showed up at their new "home"!
In total, the shades visited: Canada - Ontario, British Columbia, Alberta, and New Brunswick; United States - Wisconsin, Utah and Florida; Australia - Victoria. Not too bad for $1 shades!
Something I did learn from this experience is that it takes 4 months for 2 pairs of shades to visit these locations! I guess we are all a little spoiled with the "speed of light" e-mail systems we usually work with. Snail mail certainly earned it's name this summer!
Although the trip took longer than I had anticipated, it was so much fun to see the many adventures of our sweet little shades. And I look forward to doing it again next summer!


Kirsten said...


JennC said...

WOW! That's so cool how they traveled across the world and not one looks even similar!

This was such a treat and so fun to do!!! I have an idea for my turn next year! ;o)

Cathy W said...

Awesome Kim! Thanks so much for taking this on - I love the result.

AprilC said...

Love love love it!

Suzanne said...

Super fun!

Queen Mel said...

Very cool.....that was fun! Thanks Kim!

Kimmartha said...

Thank YOU. ladies, for having so much fun with our shades! Next summer's adventure is already in the plans!