Sunday, May 16, 2010

It's not 007...

I can try, but I can't disguise it.
I don't have a green thumb. Even with a Sharpie, it's still not a "green" thumb.
I love pretty gardens and landscaping. I would love to have pretty gardens and landscaping. But, in all honesty, I don't like doing pretty gardens and landscaping.
Why? Well, there's bugs. Lots of them. Most of them flying around me, but several actually in the dirt. And there's dirt. Lots of it. I wear gloves and they help. But, as soon as the gloves are on you can lay money on it my nose will start itching. Oye. And there are critters. The occasional *shudder* snake and slimy things like slugs and worms. Ick. And, the icing on the cake, there is sweat. My sweat. I don't like sweat. Any sweat. Gross.
But, still I try. Yesterday morning it was cool and breezy. No bugs, no sweat. Good. I didn't come across any slimies (well, one worm, but I just dropped him back in the hole). Good. And I wore long sleeves so I could scratch my nose at will. Good.
And here are my results. Before:

And after:

No more pesky weeds! All ready for cucumber & tomato plants!
Our babysitter loves to garden. Hmmm, maybe I could invite her over...


Kirsten said...

I love to garden, don't mind worms and bugs (try to avoid snakes, but would live through it)...but I don't have much space. Although all the space I did have got filled up yesterday with fresh flowers.

PamelaM said...

I too love the idea of being a gardener. The worse for me is the dirt on my hands. I could use gloves but I am don't like it either. You need to find yourself a neighbour who likes gardening. When we were away last weekend, Sandy came over and pulled all the weeds...hee hee!

Jenn said...

I appreciate other people's gardens but really don't like to garden myself. I don't like the spiders. I can handle beetles, worms, snakes, rabbits. Just not spiders. *shudder*

I LOVE your rock wall enclosure thing that I can't seem to find the right word for so I use what ever comes straight to mind which doesn't seem to be working too well but still hope you get the idea...