Sunday, February 6, 2011

Open for Business...

So Wednesday night we had quite the "blustery" weather - snow, wind and cold. Thursday morning we woke up to . . . no power. What an awful way to wake up!
Since I was the first to report the outage in our area, and I had no idea how much of the city was in the same boat as us, I called in a supply and stayed home. Fortunately, we had the power back on before lunch - and before we all turned into popsicles! DH headed off to work after snowblowing the driveway and the kids and I just stayed home and relaxed.
Tanner spent the majority of the day outside creating this:

Yes, it is a snowball factory. He is quite the little entrepreneur. I'm just wondering if he understands the whole "supply & demand" concept?

Last night we had yet another blustery night. Seriously, I am starting to think we will have snow until June! But, not to worry, cold blustery weather leads me in search of the comfy cozy. And what says comfy cozy more than baking? How about homemade bread? Breadmaker style of course! And what could be cuter than these adorable measuring cups my sweet SIL, Kim, gave me for Christmas?



We were shopping in Pier One just before Christmas when these darling cups caught my eye. Then, when my back was turned, my sneaky little SIL popped them into her basket - and then under my tree! How lucky am I?


With all my purging and rediscovering of my creative side, I have had an idea niggling at my brain for a few days. I will give you a little sneak peek:

Hmmm, I wonder what these could become? Since it's Super Bowl night and I am not a football fan (which my poor DH just cannot understand!), I may just have an updated picture to show you in the next day or two!
Well, I am off to purge some more! Happy Sunday to you!


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uhhh where's the finished product?

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